Everyone at this office is very wonderful. They treat you like a human being and not a dollar sign! I met Gene and them at a very bad and sad time in my life and him and his staff made very thing a wonderful time. They go out of their way to make sure you understand what is going on through the whole thing. They give attorney's a good name instead of the bad rap they normally get.

Mannford Estate Planning Lawyer

Providing Dedicated Legal Services

Are you facing complex situations that require the dedicated attention of an attorney? Whether you are struggling with bankruptcy, working through the complex processes estate planning, or in the midst of a difficult family law case, G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law can help you approach your circumstances with confidence.

Attorney Thompson works to ensure that his clients receive legal aid that covers every detail of their individual needs. To facilitate optimal service, he takes an analytical approach to every case, combining his sensitivity to detail with his sharp knowledge of the law. He has handled a wide range of cases across more than 40 of Oklahoma's counties, and brings more than 15 years of business management experience to the table in every case.

With the Mannford lawyer at your side, you can rest assured that your rights and interests will be represented throughout the duration of your case.

Types of Cases the Firm Handles

Because of his desire to help clients succeed in complex matters, Attorney Thompson handles the legal aspects of many difficult financial matters. He understands that your financial situation can have a strong impact on your personal well-being and the well-being of your family members, and works to ensure that his clients can navigate any hardship.

He has helped countless clients navigate weather the stormy trials of debt with bankruptcy services. For other families, he has worked to minimize familial tension by showing a clear path through the estate planning process.

The firm advocates on behalf of clients in the following areas:

Additionally, G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law provides services for clients who need legal counsel in divorce or other matters of family law. His dedication representing the residents of small towns in Oklahoma fuels much of his top-notch service. As a Mannford estate planning lawyer, he can help you make the most of the most challenging situations. Similarly, he can serve as a bankruptcy attorney for a variety of financial struggles. No matter what legal obstacles you are dealing with, his firm is prepared to help.

Contact his office today to learn how he can handle your case!