Working with Gene Thompson and his staff on my family's probate case has been the smartest thing we have ever done. This has been a difficult process, but we have had very little to worry about since Gene takes care of everything for us with grace and humor. Thank you for all your help and support!

Wills & Trusts Attorney

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When planning your estate and determining the administration of your probate, wills and trusts are crucial documents. If you want to make arrangements for someone to receive your property, these legal documents are important for determining what will happen to your estate. Wills and trusts are major legal decisions that will serve as crucial elements in an overall complex and nuanced area of law.

It is best advised to retain an attorney with knowledge of the estate planning process. A knowledgeable Creek County estate planning lawyer can offer assistance in the creation of a will or trust. Let G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law help you start planning for your future.

For all of his clients, Gene proudly offers:

  • Personalized care when dealing with their concerns
  • Considerable experience with management of assets
  • Friendly and accessible lawyer

If you would like to move forward in your estate plan, call his office immediately. He would be more than happy to implement an effective will or trust that can be used to protect every member of your family, your fortune, and your legacy for generations to come.

For assistance with wills or trusts, contact G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law today!

Why You Should Consider Implementing a Will or Trust Today

A will is often thought of in financial terms as a document that allows you to determine who receives property, but it can also have several other functions. You can name a guardian to care for your minor children and designate someone to manage property you leave for them. You can also name an executor to realize the wishes you specify in your will.

A trust allows you to grant the legal title to your own property to a beneficiary. If you want, you can name yourself as the beneficiary of your trust. Typically trusts go into effect upon death, but you can also create a living trust while you are alive. Trusts do not necessarily require the probate process, which can take a significant burden off of your loved ones.

If you do not have a will or trust, Oklahoma's probate laws will determine who will end up with your property. G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law can help you devise an arrangement that reflects the best interests of you and your entire family.

Don't do it yourself. Choose an estate planning attorney to help you!

Gene understands the seriousness of estate planning matters, and when you choose him as your counsel, you can feel confident in your choice of lawyer. If you want to establish a will or trust to protect your family's interests, please contact his firm today.